Saturday, October 29, 2011

Health Tips for October 29

Health Tips: Halloween Safety

I'd like to remind everyone that Halloween is just two days away. And while children are thinking about costumes, candy gathering and fun with their friends - adults must focus on making Halloween safe for them.

Parents are encouraged to accompany their children as they go trick or treating and only go to homes of friends and family. It is always recommended to check your child's treat bag and candy before allowing your child to eat the treats collected during the evening. Throw away homemade or non-wrapped treats.

The most common cause of injuries on Halloween night are due to falls from tripping on the hems of costumes, as well as steps, curbs or unseen objects.

Parents can help their children enjoy a safe Halloween by following these tips. In fact, it is recommended that parents go over these safety procedures with their children ahead of time.

  • Make sure costumes fit properly and are short enough to avoid tripping over them.
  • Use face paint or make up instead of masks that can obstruct vision.
  • If using a mask, cut eye holes large enough to allow full vision.
  • Wear shoes that fit well and are easy to walk in.
  • Decorate costumes and treat bags with reflective tape to help make trick or treaters more visible to motorists. 
  • Have an adult or older child accompany youngsters.
  • Buy costumes and wigs labeled flame resistant.
  • Stay in your own neighborhood.
  • Trick or treat at homes you know with porch lights on.
  • Never go to a stranger's house.
  • Stop and look both ways before crossing the street, and always cross at corners.
  • Use a flashlight to ensure safe walking and to be more visible.
  • Have parents inspect all treats before they are eaten.
  • Discard any unwrapped treats.
  • Offer a healthy alternative to candy such as individually wrapped raisins or trail mix.
  • Keep small candies and peanuts away from younger children. They may choke on the small pieces.
  • Drive slowly through neighborhoods and be especially careful on side streets.

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