Friday, January 30, 2009

Health Tips for January 30

Health Tip: Is Your Child Getting Too Much Sugar?

Too much sugar in a child's diet can contribute to weight and dental problems.

The Baylor College of Medicine offers these suggestions for limiting the amount of sugar your child gets:

  • When baking, cut sugar down to two-thirds of what the recipe says.
  • Sweeten cookies and other baked goods with dried fruits instead of candy or chocolate.
  • Instead of offering your child a muffin or a doughnut for breakfast, serve a bagel.
  • Serve natural, unsweetened fruit juice instead of sodas or other sugar-laden beverages.
  • Save candy for a special treat. Only allow your child candy once or twice a week.

Health Tip: Take it Easy After You Give Birth

After you've had a baby, your body needs time to heal, so you shouldn't expect to immediately resume normal physical activity.

The University of Michigan Health System offers these suggestions for new moms:

  • Go easy on your body. Resume your normal schedule and activities gradually.
  • Lift your baby, and that's about it. Avoid lifting anything heavy, even grocery bags or loads of laundry.
  • Don't drive a car for about two weeks, or until your doctor says it's OK.
  • Walking is great. Start out going for regular short walks.
  • Limit stair climbing for at least the first week. Be careful using the stairs, and only climb long staircases once or twice each day.

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