Thursday, January 29, 2009

Health Tips for January 29

Health Tip: Be Wary of Fad Diets

If you're looking to help kick start your weight loss program, it's important to carefully research a diet plan before you commit to one.

Look for these warning signs of an unhealthy fad diet, courtesy of the American Academy of Family Physicians:

  • A diet that promises very fast weight loss -- anything more than a pound or two per week.
  • A diet that promises weight loss without changing diet habits or engaging in an exercise program.
  • A diet that is promoted by "scientific" testimonials and pictures of "before" and "after" success stories.
  • A diet that involves expensive seminars, medications, or pre-made meals.
  • A diet that focuses on very few acceptable foods, and doesn't focus on a healthy, balanced diet.
  • A diet that points to simple explanations drawn from confusing research.

Health Tip: Problems With a Picky Eater?

If your child is a picky eater and refuses to eat or try new foods, the University of Maryland Medical Center offers these suggestions:

  • Set an example by eating various healthy foods yourself.
  • Fix foods that are attractive. Decorate your child's plate with bright, colorful foods with different consistencies.
  • If your child isn't hungry, don't force the issue. When children are hungry enough, they will eat.
  • Stay away from sugary treats. Instead, offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Make healthy eating a tradition. Start early by offering a variety of baby foods when the child is as young as 6 months.

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