Thursday, November 17, 2011

Health Tips for November 17

Health Tip: Kid-Proof Your Bathroom

Kids can easily slip, fall or burn themselves in bathrooms.

The American Academy of Pediatrics lists these suggestions to make your bathroom safer:

  • Never leave a young child alone in the bathtub.
  • Place a non-slip mat or strips in the bottom of the tub, keep the toilet lid closed and cover the bathtub faucet with a soft protective cover.
  • Adjust your hot water heater so that the water temperature cannot exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit -- and remember to teach older children to turn on cold water first, then hot.
  • Make sure all medications have child-proof caps, and store them -- along with other bathroom products such as soaps and cleaners -- out of a child's reach.
  • Unplug and safely store any electrical appliances where children cannot reach them.

Health Tip: Help Keep Kids Safe on the Internet

The Internet holds vast amounts of information that can help kids with school projects and allow them to play interactive games.

But it's important for parents to carefully monitor which sites their kids are visiting.

The Nemours Foundation offers these guidelines for parents:

  • Learn how to use a computer and how to invoke parental controls, such as blocking certain websites.
  • Keep the family computer in a shared area where you can watch your kids online.
  • Maintain access to your child's email account, and surf the web together to teach your child safe and appropriate behavior.
  • Keep favorite safe sites bookmarked.
  • Check your phone and credit card bills regularly for any unusual activity.
  • Make sure your child knows that chat rooms and other unsafe areas are off-limits.
  • Report to law enforcement any inappropriate messages that your child receives online.

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