Monday, July 13, 2009

Health Tips for July 13

Health Tip: When Your Child Needs Glasses

Some children may resist wearing eyeglasses, despite the resulting improvement in vision, school work and even extracurricular sports.

The Cleveland Clinic offers these suggestions to help your child accept a new pair of glasses:

  • Choose frames that fit well, and don't pinch, slip or feel too heavy.
  • Ensure that your child's lenses are the right prescription.
  • Encourage your child to wear the new glasses a little bit at a time, gradually wearing them for longer periods.
  • Ultimately, make putting on and taking off glasses a part of your child's daily morning and bedtime routines.
  • Encourage your child with praise every time he or she is wearing the glasses.

Health Tip: Safe Use of Contact Lenses

It can be difficult to see that cosmetics and contact lenses may not mix, especially if the cosmetics are misapplied.

The University of Virginia Health System offers these suggestions for contact lens wearers who use makeup:

  • Always wash your hands before putting contact lenses in or taking them out.
  • Keep cosmetic brushes and other tools clean.
  • Invest in hypoallergenic cosmetics without fragrance, sparkle, glitter or anything else that may contain irritants such as crushed oyster shell or tinsel.
  • Put lenses in first, then put on your cosmetics.
  • Never wear someone else's makeup, or let anyone else borrow yours.
  • Never re-use an old mascara applicator.
  • Be careful to keep creams and powders out of your eyes.
  • Skip makeup when your eyes are irritated, infected, swollen or red.

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