Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Health Tips for March 11

Health Tip: Help Keep Anxiety Under Control

Everyone is anxious now and then, but for some people, anxiety can completely interfere with their daily lives.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine offers these suggestions to help control anxiety and stay calmer:

  • Try to figure out what's causing your anxiety.
  • Create a diary or journal detailing your anxious thoughts, and what you think triggers them.
  • Talk to a friend, therapist or family member about what's concerning you.
  • Get plenty of sleep and frequent exercise.
  • Stick to a healthy diet, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and illicit drugs.
  • Make time for fun.
  • Try relaxation techniques.

Health Tip: Triggers for PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a severe anxiety condition that can follow a life-threatening or very frightening experience.

The American Academy of Family Physicians says these people are at greater risk of developing PTSD:

  • People who are victims of rape, other physical assault or terrorism.
  • People who have been in a car accident, natural disaster, flood or fire.
  • People who have participated in war or other combat.
  • People who have lost a family member or other loved one.
  • People who have been diagnosed with a fatal disease.
  • People who are rescue workers, such as firefighters or police officers.

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